If you go down to Christchurch Green on Sunday August 14th, prepare for an unusual surprise.

Artists from Art Group Wanstead are being encouraged to show some of their work on the link fencing, for visitors to the high street and green to enjoy and contemplate. “At the very least, it will add extra colour and interest to the area,” said the art group’s founder, Donna Mizzi. “But, who knows? The idea could even eventually become a Little Bayswater Road,” she said, referring to the landmark display covering Hyde Park fences on Sundays. Group artists also have some innovative ideas that could be added to the Christchurch Green art experience if it proves to be a big draw. Admittedly, much of its success will depend on the weather.

Article from April 2021 edition of the Wanstead Village Directory

Some images from the 2019 Trail