Venues List 2019

Here’s a list of possible venues.  The list isn’t exhaustive and you may find other places to show your art. When you find a place happy to take your work please email Patrick (  He will put your name on the list, which will help guide other artists to available venues.

Venues 2019

1. Wanstead Tube station. Woodford and Wanstead Photographic Society

2. The George pub, 155 High St. Keith Stretten,  John Armstrong tbc

3. The Barrel Boulangerie, 151 High St.Graham Bush

4. Edwards Duthie Shamash Solicitors, 149 High St.

5. Le Marmiton Bistro, 147 High St.

6. The Manor House, 129 High St. Curated by Anna Bisset. FULL

7. Wanstead Opticians, 127 High St. Annarita Mazzilli Full.

8. Keating Jewellers, 123a High St. Janet McKay. Full.

9. Cafe Chicchi, 123 Wanstead High St.

10. Daisy florist, 121a High St. Amelia Goldsmith.

11. Francis & C. Walters Funeral Directors, 121 High St.Karen Humpage

12. British Heart Foundation, 119c High St.  Anna Brown.

13. Wanstead Fish, 119b High St. Richard Pratley, Natalie Bolton (Consciously Creative)

14. Azzurra, 119 High St.

15. La Bakerie, 119a High St. Matthew Webber., Ishai Rimmer

16. The Art Shop, 117c High St.

17. The Stow Brothers, 117a High St. Teresa Witz, Linda Cooney, Bernie Clarkson, Donna Mizzi, Postcard art.  Full.

18. Allan Burgess Centre/Age UK Redbridge day Centre, 2 Grove Park. Age UK classes run by the Two Ronnies and Brenda Coyle. Full.

19. Elegance Cleaners, 9 Clockhouse Parade. Helen Maule

20. Harvey's, 6 Clockhouse Parade.  Paul Read, Sally Medcalf tbc

21. Oxfam Books and Music, 1 Clockhouse Parade.  Sally Asbury.  

22. Wanstead Pharmacy/Post Office, 75 High St. Helen Maule

23. Images in Frames (From Sept 9), 71 High St. Ishai Rimmer, Teresa Witz, Gillian Bush, Louise Buckle, Emma Davies, Katherine Poluck

24. Moments cards/gifts, 69 High St. Alison Stenhouse

25. Tesco Express, 65-67 High St.  Helen Maule

26. Peter’s Antiques, 76 Nightingale Lane.

27. Eightyfour Photography Gallery, 84 Nightingale Lane. Geoff Wilkinson, Amelia Goldsmith

28. The Duke pub, 79 Nightingale Lane. Victoria Baskerville

29. Trend Barber, 49 High St.

30. The Larder, 39 High St. Karen Humpage, Sally Medcalf.  Andrea Morton

31. More Italy, 33 High St.

32. The Cuckfield Pub, 31 High St. Alison Stenhouse, Emma Davies, Frankie Jaggs.

33. Heads 'n Tails, 21 High St. Anna Brown, Gillian Bush, Louise Buckle. Full.

34. Target Fit, 15 High St. Brenda Coyle.

35. Martin & Co (extra shop), 13 Wanstead High St.
36. Bare Brew, 7 High St. Carne Griffiths, Russell Frost

37. DaBora Conway, 9 Wanstead High St. Sally Asbury FULL

38. Le Voyage boutique, 3 High St.

39. Simple 'n' Natural, 3a Wanstead High St.Snaresbrook Arts Project

40. Bells Blinds, 1a Wanstead High St. Alison Stenhouse

41. Devonsbrook Bathrooms, 3-5 Hermon Hill.Brenda Lopata and Stanley Lopata for Sea-Changers

42. Phone Fix, 2 Saxonbury House, High St. James Knight. Full.

43. Lillies of Wanstead, 5 Gwynne House. The artistic staff of Lillies with artist Leila Skye. Doing a window display hopefully.

44. Time for Tea, 5 Station Parade, Snaresbrook. Eider Ezama.

45. Keatons (estate agent), 1-3 Station Parade. Benjamin Wallis.

46. Bombetta, 1-5 Station Approach.  Bussaba Brooks?

47. Christchurch Primary School fences. Pupils from the school. Full.

48. Times newsagent, 12 High St.

49. Christ Church, Wanstead Place. Brenda Coyle, Marsh Quilters, Sally Medcalf.

50. JK Accountants, 10 Woodbine Place.

51. Petty Son & Prestwich, 11 Woodbine Place.

52. Wanstead Hairdressers, 13 Woodbine Place.

53. Bambini, 15 Woodbine Place. Anna Brown, Emma Davies.

54. Churchill Estates, 32 High St. Anna Brown.

55. Luppolo, 34 High St.

56. Otto restaurant, 44 High St. Pat Pratley.

57. Darrell James Travel, 46 High St. Sally Asbury, Richard Meyer.

58. Douglas Allen (estate agent), 52 Wanstead High Street. Naomi Fenton Rayman.

59. Pura, 54a Wanstead High Street.

60. St Francis Hospice shop, 56 High St. Nilda Negretti, Roger Snook.  Full.  (Both are volunteers in this charity shop.)

61. Majestic Wine Warehouse, 60 High St.  Michael Martin’s students, Stuart Edwards (furniture). Full.

62. Filika, 62 High St. Pat Pratley, Emma Davies, Naomi Fenton Rayman. Full.
62a. The White Out vape shop

63. Bairstow Eves Countryside, 68 High St. Emma Davies.

64. Barnardo's, 70 High St. Tim Armitage, James Knight, Teresa Witz.

65.  Martin & Co., 74 High St. Paul Read. Full.

66. Bike Trax Wanstead, 3 Cambridge Park. Noah Smith.

67. Wiseman Lee solicitors, 11 Cambridge Park.

68. Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Rd. Postcard art, Susan Rowley, Sharon Lindsey’s carer group

69. Wanstead House Community Association, 21 The Green. WH members. Full.

70. Wanstead Golf Club, Overton Drive. Jason Rose’s students. Full.

71. St Mary’s Church, Overton Drive. Wanstead High School sixth form students.

72. Aldersbrook Library, Park Rd. Postcard art.

73. St Gabriel's Church, Park Rd, Aldersbrook. Variety of art and work Aldersbrook Primary School pupils.

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