Our eighth Art Trail Wanstead  

is over for this year

You can still browse the listings below

1. Wanstead Tube Station

Woodford & Wanstead Photographic Society

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Established in 1893, Woodford & Wanstead Photographic Society is one of the oldest clubs in the UK and in 2018, will be celebrating their 125th birthday.

In the build up to next year, and as part of the Wanstead Art Trail fortnight, WWPS are exhibiting at 2 venues. The 1st will be at Wanstead Underground Station from the 5th September and will show a wide variety of members work.

Then on Sunday 17th September, WWPS will be exhibiting at the Wanstead Festival on Christchurch Green. Again, a wide and varied example of members work will be on display.  Club members will also be around to answer questions about the display, the club and will be happy to offer advice on how improve your photography.

In addition, members of the public are invited to enter a free prize draw by selecting their favourite photograph from the Wanstead Festival display. The 1st randomly selected entry will be offered that photograph, framed, as a gift.
Not only that, a 2nd free draw at the Wanstead Festival is offered to those whose hobby is photography. (Sorry, minimum age 18 years). They need to correctly identify 3 objects and if their entry is the 1st randomly selected then one year’s free membership to WWPS is the prize.
WWPS is a very friendly club and this will be the perfect time for anyone thinking of joining  to ask for details.  

Wanstead Station mural by Karen Humpage and Katherine Poluck

2. Sumo Fresh 141 High St


3. The Manor House, 129 High St. 

 Naomi Fenton Rayman, Bernie Clarkson

Naomi Fenton Rayman
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As an artist I am inspired by so many things, related to my life, especially current affairs, religion, unusual happenings, music and fun Stuff, especially the beach. I often have an idea and from that idea several further ideas unfold. I always have my camera on me and sketch book too. For sketching I love to use charcoal. I can then recall images and work from them.
4. Wanstead Opticians, 127 High St.  LEGO ART

5. Coco. 125 High St. 


6. Keating Jewellers, 123a High St.

 David Keating, LEGO ART


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David Keating
Designer and maker of fine jewellery and collectors' items.

Donna Mizzi

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Donna Mizzi
Specialising in Sparkle Art, using anything from recycled sequins to crystal, costume jewellery, rhinestones and beads.

7. Cafe Chicchi, 123 High St. 

Karen Humpage


Karen Humpage
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Cows that once used to wander round the local streets have been depicted in jolly narrative paintings at Cafe Chicchi. A nostalgic trip for some, a surreal experience for the unaware! On a more sober level, watercolours of Wanstead House & St Mary's can be seen at Petty Son & Prestwich.
Chris Saunders
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I'm a member of Woodford and Wanstead Photographic Society and I'll be showing some photos of Venice in Piccolo on the High Street.

8. Daisy florist, 121a High St.

Chichi Parrish, LEGO ART

Chichi Parrish
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Chichi Parish
Pen and ink artist. Clients include: English Heritage, Great Malvern Route to the Hills, National Trust, Diva Magazine, Times Educational Supplement, TBWA.  
Daisy Florist 121A High St, Wanstead, London E11 2RL  

9. Francis & C. Walters, 121 High St. 

Benjamin Wallis

Benjamin Wallis
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Benjamin Wallis
Keatons estate agents 1-3 Station Parade High St Devonsbrook bathrooms 3-5 Devon House Hermon Hill E11 2AW Joliffe's builders Francis & C Walters 121 High Street

10. British Heart Foundation, 119c High St. 

Anna Brown, LEGO ART

Anna Brown

11. Azzurra, 119 High St. 


12. Wanstead Fish, 119b High St.

Richard Pratley. Grace Miell

Grace Miell Jewellery

13. The Art Shop, 117C High St. 

Vikitha Prem


Vikitha Prem
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Vikitha Prem
The Intentions of my Art work is to Inspire, Serve and Connect. I paint animals, architectures, abstract and Nature. I also take photos of anything that inspires me. I love using my art and photography as a tool to inspire others.
Devonsbrook Bathrooms and The Art Shop  

14. Piccolo Italian, 117b High St.

Angela Daley


Angela Daley
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Angela Daley
After working as a sculptor and ceramicist for many years, now concentrate on flat art, painting in acrylic and watercolour, printmaking and collage.
Piccolo 117b High Street

15.The Stow Brothers, 117a High St.

Victoria Sennet,  Alison Stenhouse, Tracey Adebowale-Jones, Eliyah Qureshi, 
Bernie Clarkson, LEGO ART, The Funky Furniture Duo

 Alison Stenhouse
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Alison Stenhouse
 I work mainly in acrylic and pastel in a variety of styles ranging from realistic to semi-abstract. My subjects are landscapes,including local scenes,seascapes,flowers and people.
Apart from local shows I have work at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery,Waterloo. My miniature paintings can be viewed at their website amillionbrushstrokes.co.uk
Victoria Sennet
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Victoria Senett
I love colour and texture and experimenting with different materials. I'm really interested in looking at scenes or objects and seeing my own colours and shapes form within them. I work as a facepainter and founded an arts collective (Hungamunga) with friends which is about getting people making art together along with music and performance.
Eliyah Qureshi
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Eliyah Qureshi
Eliyah Qureshi is a visual artist of South-Asian descent who lives and works in London since 2002. The work is developed at her home studio in East-London. Eliyah's artworks are inspired by her personal journey, comprising of concepts of beauty, nature, health issues and courage. Eliyah is involved  in a wide range of community-based projects and create commissioned work for organisations, charities and individuals. Much of the artist's work is based around helping children with SEN as she strongly believe in inclusion, and aims to promote this within schools and the local community through creative services.
Being part of the Wanstead Art Trail is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the ties between the local community. Artists should regularly come together and collaborate to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Eliyah encourages anyone else who has something to offer to get involved in this community project and to promote inclusion within the art trail. Through Eliyah's collaborative effort positive changes can be made within the local area such as building a thriving art culture.
Where you will be exhibiting:
Eliyah's Solo exhibition ‘In search of Gold’ will feature twenty-five artworks at Valentines Mansion. This exhibition explores the artists own personal journey battling with health conditions and the feeling of vulnerability.
Stow Brothers will be exhibiting seven original artworks from the 'Portraits' series. Eliyah challenged herself to produce 150 portraits within the short timeframe of 16 days.
The ‘Gold Standard’ exhibition will be displayed at St. Gabriel’s church. This series exposes racism in society, depicting how society can collectively build bridges towards peace and unity.
Eliyah's exhibition at Images & Frames will be a collection of seven prints taken from the original 'Sketchbook project' which is part of the Brooklyn Museum, NY.
 Tracey Adebowale-Jones
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Tracey Adebowale-jones
Photographer. I like to take the natural environment and create unusual photographs but I also work as an equestrian photographer. I am particularly fond of texture and swans and spend lots of time in Wanstead Park
Bernie Clarkson
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Bernie Clarkson moved south after completing a BA and an MFA at Newcastle University, her home town, and now has a studio close to her home in East London.  She works primarily as a painter. Her work has covered a multitude of styles with shifts in style often coinciding with surroundings and circumstances. The American artist Richard Diebenkorn continues to be a huge influence on her and her attitude to her work.
The Funky Furniture Duo
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A funky furniture duo who met at upholstery classes have now run out of space at home for their creations. So they focus on one-off pieces for the love of their craft, and the appreciation of acquirers. You'll often see their crafts and ideas at Flamingo Fairs, held monthly in Wanstead Library's hall. The featured chair at Stow Bros uses vintage tea towels as part of its reinvented magic

 16 Allan Burgess Centre/Age UK Redbridge Day Centre, 2 Grove Pk.


Ron Filer
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Ron Filer
 Leader at Corner House for Age UK Art and at St Gabriel's Church in Aldersbrook Tuesday afternoon art club .
Cherry Tree Arts Group
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Cherry Tree Arts Group
This new arts group is held in the old Cherry Tree Cafe by Age UK and supported by the Allen Burgess Centre. Perfect for beginners - open to all Redbridge residents over 55 years.

 17 Harvey’s, 6 Clockhouse Pde.

Debbie Zekai

Debbie Zekai
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My name is Debbie Zekai. I have taken to art as a hobby and hopefully will grow and develop my skills. Exhibiting In Art Trail Wanstead 2017 More Italy 33 High Street E11 2AA. Oxfam book shop 1 High Street E112AG. Harveys Greengrocer 6 Clock House Parade E11 2AG.

18 The Ginger Pig, 3 Clockhouse Pde. 


19 Oxfam Books and Music, 1 Clockhouse Pde

Sally Asbury, mosaicsDebbie Zekai , LEGO ART

Sally Ashbury
Debbie Zekai

20  Wanstead Pharmacy/Post Office, 75 High St.

Naomi Fenton Rayman

21 Open House East London,  73 Wanstead High St

Alison Stenhouse, Donna Mizzi , Ron Filer
Sharon Lindsey’s Carer’s Group including tutor, artist Sharon Lindsey

Gloria Alexander (in Sharon Lindsey's carer's group)
Sharon Lindsey
Alison Stenhouse – Kite painting; wide painting at front of window;  small sea paintings; oranges.  Pears sold. Contact: alison_stenhouse@btinternet.com
Donna Mizzi – Fan for sale, £20; Birdhouse sold. Contact: donnamizzi@btinternet.com
Eileen: Cutout butteflies, Mirror and Pot (all not for sale)
Gloria Alexander – Woman in beads and mixed media; hand in mixed media. Contact: gloriamalex@gmail.com
Janet (Egyptian pieces, not for sale).
Jean (Peacock, Penguin, Flowers with  Butterflies for sale; budgie and robin not for sale). Contact: 0208 504 7680
Ron Filer: Large paintings for sale.  Contact: ron.filer@btopenworld.com
Ros (Sunflowers, not for sale) 
Sharon Lindsey – Daisy Chain, £55; River Flow, £165; Four Seasons (oil on canvas board), £295 (all four). Contact: sharon.mosaic@sky.com 
If you have any problem contacting any of the above artists, call Donna on 0759 800 2682

22 Images in Frames, 71 High St.

Naomi Fenton Rayman, Sally Asbury. Eliyah Qureshi

Naomi Fenton Rayman
Sally Ashbury
Eliyah Qureshi

23 Bennetts, 69 High St.

Alison Stenhouse, LEGO ART

24 The Vintage & Antiques Shop 76 Nightingale Lane.

Brenda Coyle


Brenda Coyle
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The Offering Artist: Brenda Coyle Medium:  An assemblage of materials on canvas (including handmade clay – artist’s own organic fibre recipe) Words: Artist’s own words taken from her her poem entitled ‘The Offering’ Assemblage: 50cm x 40cm SOLD Freelance Artist: available for Commissions. www.brendacoyle.co.uk mbbcraft@gmail.com

25 Eightyfour Photography Gallery & Craft Boutique, 84 Nightingale Lane.

Leading photographer Geoff Wilkinson is planning a local photo walk and a photography evening, from his Eightyfour Gallery at 84 Nightingale Lane. For more information visit his gallery or  website: geoffwilkinsonphotography.co.uk


26 The Larder, 39 High St.

Andrea Morton (Useful Pots), Kathy Taylor, Lizzie Okagbue

Andrea Morton - Useful Pots
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Andrea Morton
Ceramicist. I make wheel thrown stoneware oven to table ware using a range of glazes to produce unique pieces that will complement your everyday and special table settings.
Kathy Taylor
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Kathy Taylor

27 More Italy, 33 High St.

Debbie Zekai, Margaret Davies and Estelle Singer


Margaret Davies and Estelle Singer
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Margaret Davies and Estelle Singer
We collaborate in our work with various materials and up-cycle re-using glass and tiles. Our mirrors can date from as far back as the thirties. And so we create new pieces of work which explore and reflect nature in all her forms. We believe in playing our small part in helping to sustain our beautiful planet when creating our mosaics and stained glass pieces.

28 Heads ‘n Tails, 21 High St.

Sid Beg . Anna Brown

29 Martin & Co, 13 High St

Alison Stenhouse,  Anna Brown

30 Bare Brew, 7 High St. 

Carne Griffiths

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Carne Griffiths
Artist working with inks, alcohol and teas

31 Revive, 3 High St.

Alison Stenhouse

32 Devonsbrook Bathrooms, 3-5 Hermon Hill.

Benjamin Wallis, Vikitha Prem, LEGO ART

33 Jolliffe’s, 3 Gwynne House, High St

Benjamin Wallis, LEGO ART

34 Lillies of Wanstead, 2 Gwynne House, High St. 


35 Time For Tea, 5 Station Pde, Snaresbrook

Sam Cowan, Sally Medcalf

Sally Medcalf
Read more about Sally Medcalf
I love  the landscapes of East Anglia and Essex. I paint places which give a sense of peace and stillness, in which time seems to stand still. I was initially inspired and encouraged by the art teachers at Wanstead High School, then trained at Sir John Cass School of Art, gaining a Diploma in Illustration. My work has been shown at: The Association of Illustrators Gallery, Charlotte Street, W.1. 'New Perceptions':   Leytonstone Arts Festival Summer Exhibition,  Changing Room Gallery 'Well-Made' ,  Stratford Old Town Hall ‘Momentum’ : E7 Arts, Passmore Edwards Museum
Read more about Sam Cowan
Sam Cowan
www.cartooncommunications.com www.happymurals.com
I love creating cartoons and painting murals and since my last time on the trail in 2015, I have been very lucky to have won two national art competitions. Art is my happy thing - I love doing it and sharing it. Always delighted to get my hands on some felt tips and let my paint brush dance away.

36 Keatons, 1-3 Station Pde, Snaresbrook. 

Benjamin Wallis

37 Bambini, 15 Woodbine Pl 

Anna Brown (Kroh)

38 Petty Son & Prestwich, 11 Woodbine Pl.

Karen Humpage


Karen Humpage

39 Churchill Estates, 32 Wanstead High St 

Anna Brown (Kroh)

40 Designer Sale, 42 Wanstead High St TBC

41 Otto restaurant, 44 Wanstead High St.

Pat Pratley

42 Darrell James Travel, 46 Wanstead High St. 

Sally Asbury and Richard Meyer


Richard Meyer
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Richard Meyer
Painter working in oils and acrylics, experimenting with textures, 3D finishes and optical effects.

43 Douglas Allen, 52 High St. 

 Patrick Michalopoulos

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Patrick Michalopoulos
Patrick Michalopoulos focuses on process and gestural mark-making to build up layers and accretions of paint that begin to ‘speak back’ to the viewer. Working across the abstract-figurative divide the artist attempts to produce an imaginative ‘language’ that draws the viewer into ‘looking’ and ‘thinking’ journeys. Slow and ambiguous, these journeys often have as their starting point strong memories or emotional reactions that the artist uses to propel compositions and images into being. As the compositions advance they develop their own type of picture-logic that in turns produces new images and stories.

44 Majestic Wine Warehouse, 60 Wanstead High St.

Michael Martin’s life drawing art classes.

45 Bairstow Eves Countryside, 68 Wanstead High St.

Richard Meyer

46 Barnardo’s, 70 Wanstead High St.  TBC

47 Bike Trax Wanstead, 3 Cambridge Park Rd

Noah Smith

Noah Smith
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Noah Smith
Hello, I am an amateur photographer from Wanstead. Most of my work centres around street, portrait and conceptual photography. Mainly though I take photos of things I like looking at.

48 Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road

Susan Rowley – Fridays Child Jewellery 

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Susan Rowley - FridaysChildJewellery
I love bangles. Always have. Don't get me wrong, I love other jewellery too, but unlike pendants and ear-rings, you can see them, touch and play with them, wear multiples and listen to the music they make as the jangle together. But, with small hands and wrists, most were too big. By chance a few years ago I saw a beginners evening jewellery-making class, signed up, made a copper ring the first week, a spinner ring the second week and in the third week set out to make my very first bangle. I'm now in the early stages of setting up an online shop, Fridays Child Jewellery. The saying goes "Friday's Child is loving and giving" - I'm hoping people will enjoy giving and receiving my jewellery as much as I love making it.
Emma Ivanovic

Remembering dedicated artist Emma Ivanovic

A sample of artwork by Emma (Emira) Ivanovic is being displayed in the foyer of  Wanstead Library. Art Group Wanstead member and local resident Emma sadly passed away in January, aged 67, while visiting her home city of Zagreb, Croatia. Emma studied fine art in New York and Paris, and showed her work in many galleries, including in Covent Garden, London.
Art Group Wanstead is grateful to her husband Nenad for lending us an array of her work.

49 Wanstead House Community Association, 21 The Green


Open day Sat 9th Sept 

10.30am to 1.30pm

Displays from groups and classes from Wanstead House. including Woodford & Wanstead Photography Society, Anna Bisset’s art classes and Patrick Purcell’s life drawing groups.


50 St Gabriel’s Church, Aldersbrook.

Wanstead Church Primary School and Aldersbrook School, Michael Nash, Marsha Ashley, Eliyah Qureshi and additional artists.

 Eliyah Qureshi 
Michael-Nash : Formation
Read more on Michael Nash
Michael Nash
I am a recent Fine Art graduate from UEL. I work in sculpture and installation art. I use reclaimed and recycled materials to create work that is both expressive and has a beauty of its own.

51. Jojo Maman Bebe, 83 High St


52. The Tool Box, 5A High St, 


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