Wanstead Post Art

One postcard, your art, post it to us, share it.

Wanstead Post Art
One postcard, your art, post it to us, share it.

We want your Art!
This year’s Art Trail Wanstead will have a special feature – an exhibition of art sent to us on postcards. Just create a postcard, or number of postcards, featuring your own art instead of a bought image.

The theme for the work is: THE HUMAN CONDITION

Take part in this creative show and encourage friends and family to participate too.
Post us your art…let it travel and be seen!

Guidelines for Entries

It is an exhibition open to all and it’s free to take part. The exhibition’s power is in the collective response to this theme and the unique identity of each card. Postcards are likely to undergo postage wear and tear – this is desired and part of the journey of this form of art.

All artworks to be original please.

The postcard – It must be usual postcard dimensions, as imaginative as you wish.

Post to: 

Wanstead Post Art
c/o Wanstead House Community Association
21 The Green
E11 2NT
(remember the stamp!).

The Art – POST ART can be in any medium robust enough for posting so be creative, be bold, enjoy it. No obscene images can be accepted.

The back of the postcard:
 Name or “anon”
 Contact e-mail (optional)

Disclaimer/further Info – Art Group Wanstead cannot be held responsible for any lost postcards in transit or during the exhibition and we reserve the right to respectfully use your submitted artwork for exhibition marketing purposes and any document of the exhibition in the future. We shall let you know where they are to be exhibited via the website at: http://artgroupwanstead.com/.

 All works will become the property of the Art Group Wanstead after September 2018 and may be sold for charity where possible.

Deadline for cards – It will be wonderful if you send in your arty postcards as soon as possible and by the deadline of 31 August to allow time to display them.
 Contact Eugene Coyle (eugene@artgroupwanstead.com) with any further questions.

Let go of your art and set your creative side free!

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