Should Epstein’s studio be saved?

Should Epstein’s studio be saved?
Happening in Loughton, fairly close to our Wanstead artists  …

Epstein’s studio. LRA Cllr Stephen Pewsey reports that “the studio where world-famous sculptor Jacob Epstein created some of his most renowned works is in imminent danger of demolition.
Epstein lived at 49 Baldwins Hill in the 1930s before moving across the road to No. 50.
Property developers Millie Properties Ltd. have now applied for permission to destroy his studio, which is in the back garden of No. 49. OK, it’s a sculptor’s studio so it’s not beautiful, but it has an important place in Loughton’s cultural heritage and the international history of art. The District Council’s Conservation Officer has not (so far) taken any steps to help preserve the building.”
Give your views here (application EPF/1723/18)
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