Support a Local Youth Project : Leading Our Lives

Support a Local Youth Project : Leading Our Lives

Youth project for some of our artists

Leading Our Lives are members of Art Group Wanstead. LOL’s delightful young and older members, who have speech and communication difficulties, have been involved in putting on some of our most eye-catching art and installations over the years. And the parents have struggled every year to raise enough funds to keep the youth project going.
Many of the families live in and around Wanstead (it just so happens that the most suitable centre they can use is based in Hainault).
They are looking for 5,000 people to give at least £2 each, to keep their centre running for a year.
If there is a way that you can contribute, and/or spread the word, please do. Any fundraising for them would also be highly appreciated.
The crowdfunder is now live. See the page and video at:

It’s also on Facebook

> And Twitter

Pictures: Some of LOL’s work on the trail, including a walk-through art installation at the last Wanstead Festival, and fun bendy figures (above) made by the children which went almost everywhere!

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