Frequently Asked Questions


General questions

Artwork by Jeanette Cole

What kind of roles can members take?
All skills are useful, from marketing to accounts to publicity and public speaking. We ask everyone to play a part in the success of AGW. As the needs arise, roles are publicised within the group. These could include leaflet distribution, banner designing, market research. Many of the jobs are fun-based and sociable. We even have members who are  keen to help others get to grips with email, websites and the internet!

How is it possible to make AGW free to join?
We depend on participation from the members themselves to run, support and organise the group.

Why do artists need to “formally” join Art Group Wanstead?
Art Group Wanstead is a voluntary association, in order to get formal recognition (a bank account, grants etc) we are obliged to have a membership scheme. Higher membership numbers help us get grants and publicity. Also, if you are an artist you need to be a member to take part in the art trail.

Do you have an Equal Opportunities Policy?
Yes, you can read it here.

Art Trail questions

Will there be any further opportunities to display more work during the trail?
Fuller details should be settled by the time you are asked to pay your art trail entry fee.

Wanstead Art Trail_0114How many pieces of work can I show?
That will really be up to the shop owner/venue organiser. Last year most people were able to show several pieces. Some small shops only showed a couple of larger works. Bigger venues are encouraged to take more than one artist.

Is there a selection procedure for the trail?
No, this is a community event, with artists at every level invited to take part. But shops and premises have to agree to show your work. All work has to be suitable for family viewing.

What can be exhibited?
Any art or visual art-based crafts, including paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, mosaics, fabric art, glasswork, jewellery, ceramics… With some work it is hard to draw the line between art and craft, and some craft makers may find it easier to show their work at an AGW craft fair, to be held during the trail.

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