Tracey Adebowale-Jones Photographer. I like to take the natural environment and create unusual photographs but I also work as an equestrian photographer. I am particularly fond of texture and swans and spend lots of time in Wanstead Park

Eliyah Qureshi Eliyah Qureshi is a visual artist of South-Asian descent who lives and works in London since 2002. The work is developed at her home studio in East-London. Eliyah's artworks are inspired by her personal journey, comprising of concepts of beauty, nature, health issues and courage. Eliyah is involved  in a wide range of community-based projects and create commissioned work for organisations, charities…

Victoria Senett I love colour and texture and experimenting with different materials. I'm really interested in looking at scenes or objects and seeing my own colours and shapes form within them. I work as a facepainter and founded an arts collective (Hungamunga) with friends which is about getting people making art together along with music and performance.

Alison Stenhouse  I work mainly in acrylic and pastel in a variety of styles ranging from realistic to semi-abstract. My subjects are landscapes,including local scenes,seascapes,flowers and people.

Angela Daley After working as a sculptor and ceramicist for many years, now concentrate on flat art, painting in acrylic and watercolour, printmaking and collage.

Chichi Parrish Pen and ink artist. Clients include: English Heritage, Great Malvern Route to the Hills, National Trust, Diva Magazine, Times Educational Supplement, TBWA.

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