Kathy Taylor

Kathy Taylor ksmtaylor@gmail.com www.kathytaylor.co.uk

Andrea Morton (Useful Pots)

Andrea Morton andrea@usefulpots.co.uk www.usefulpots.co.uk Ceramicist. I make wheel thrown stoneware oven to table ware using a range of glazes to produce unique pieces that will complement your everyday and special table settings.

Eightyfour Photography Gallery

Leading photographer Geoff Wilkinson at  his Eightyfour Gallery at 84 Nightingale Lane. For more information visit his gallery or  website: geoffwilkinsonphotography.co.uk

Brenda Coyle

Freelance Artist: available for Commissions. www.brendacoyle.co.uk mbbcraft@gmail.com

Debbie Zekai

I have taken to art as a hobby and hopefully will grow and develop my skills.

Cherry Tree Arts Group

Cherry Tree Arts Group mbbcraft@gmail.com This new arts group is held in the old Cherry Tree Cafe by Age UK and supported by the Allen Burgess Centre. Perfect for beginners - open to all Redbridge residents over 55 years.

Ron Filer
The Corner House

Ron Filer

ronfiler91@gmail.com  Leader at Corner House for Age UK Art and at St Gabriel's Church in Aldersbrook Tuesday afternoon art club .

Bernie Clarkson

Bernie Clarkson moved south after completing a BA and an MFA at Newcastle University, her home town, and now has a studio close to her home in East London.  She works primarily as a painter. Her work has covered a multitude of styles with shifts in style often coinciding with surroundings and circumstances. The American artist Richard Diebenkorn continues to be a huge influence…

Tracey Adebowale-Jones

traceyaj@live.co.uk www.tgajphotography.zenfolio.com Photographer. I like to take the natural environment and create unusual photographs but I also work as an equestrian photographer. I am particularly fond of texture and swans and spend lots of time in Wanstead Park

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