Michael Nash

Michael Nash micnas94@yahoo.co.uk http://ow.ly/XsnC5 I am a recent Fine Art graduate from UEL. I work in sculpture and installation art. I use reclaimed and recycled materials to create work that is both expressive and has a beauty of its own.

Susan Rowley – Fridays Child Jewellery

Susan Rowley - FridaysChildJewellery I love bangles. Always have. Don't get me wrong, I love other jewellery too, but unlike pendants and ear-rings, you can see them, touch and play with them, wear multiples and listen to the music they make as the jangle together. But, with small hands and wrists, most were too big. By chance a few years ago I saw a…

Noah Smith

noah@noahthewheelsmith.co.uk www.tumblr.com/blog/viewsthatisee I am an amateur photographer from Wanstead. Most of my work centres around street, portrait and conceptual photography. Mainly though I take photos of things I like looking at.

Richard Meyer

richardpmeyer@hotmail.com Painter working in oils and acrylics, experimenting with textures, 3D finishes and optical effects.

Sam Cowan

samcowan@hotmail.com www.cartooncommunications.com www.happymurals.com I love creating cartoons and painting murals and since my last time on the trail in 2015, I have been very lucky to have won two national art competitions. Art is my happy thing - I love doing it and sharing it. Always delighted to get my hands on some felt tips and let my paint brush dance away.

Sally Medcalf
Sally Metcalf

Sally Medcalf

Email: sallymedcalf3@gmail.com Website:  https://www.zippi.co.uk/portfolio/sallymedcalf I love  the landscapes of East Anglia and Essex. I paint places which give a sense of peace and stillness, in which time seems to stand still. I was initially inspired and encouraged by the art teachers at Wanstead High School, then trained at Sir John Cass School of Art, gaining a Diploma in Illustration. My work has been shown at: The…

Carne Griffiths

carne@carnegriffiths.com http://www.carnegriffiths.com Artist working with inks, alcohol and teas

Margaret Davies and Estelle Singer

Margaret Davies and Estelle Singer margaretdavies07@outlook.com We collaborate in our work with various materials and up-cycle re-using glass and tiles. Our mirrors can date from as far back as the thirties. And so we create new pieces of work which explore and reflect nature in all her forms. We believe in playing our small part in helping to sustain our beautiful planet when creating…

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